May 4, 2018

I tried everything working at it for about 4 hours. I simply took a cheap Euroshopper AAA battery and hooked it to some wires using electrical tape. Thanks for the tip here. First off thanks to whoever suggested smacking the hell out of it. Since the last time i needed to do it, the camcorder will not power up at all????????

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I can not belive this all of this After a time dcr-hc336 tape-working only “transferring” old Super 8 films, using FireWire connexionwhen I opened the tape cover to put a tape in the sony dcr-hc36, its tray went up and opened, but refused to sony dcr-hc36 and go down.

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

But I have to do the battery thing every time Sony dcr-hc36 have to close the tape unit Same problem here, dcr-hc We only had the camcorder for about 2 months and did not even finish recording one tape, when this problem started. So glad I found dcf-hc36 site, had sony dcr-hc36 problems sony dcr-hc36 my Sony Handycam, tape door wouldn’t close and giving error message and saying needed to connect power even though it had full battery and I had also plugged power cable in.

Fcr-hc36 camera sony dcr-hc36 positioned so that the LCD viewfinder is at the top of his picture. I tried different variations of hitting and removing the battery Michel Sun, 19 Jul Slapped at the bottom few times so doors could shut down after that but they didn’t want to open: Sony Camcorder Repair Models. Thanks guys, together you all proved that many heads are better than one!!

SOLVED: Www umc uk co uk free6 – Fixya

Ok One thing you can do to prevent the problem from coming up again is sony dcr-hc36 eject the tape while haveing the battery on and the charger cable out. The trick with a motor worked. Professional – Affordable – Fast. Is there sony dcr-hc36 internal fuse in the camera that i may have blown or have i done something more serious: Sony camcorder repair Panasonic camcorder repair Canon camcorder repair Jvc Camcorder repair.

And you do not need to take apart the case, just tape sony dcr-hc36 tpe tray shut, then feed the wire down in there and after a while you should get it to connect and the tray will go down. I’ve tried every one of these ideas, to no avail.

Constantine sony dcr-hc36 to say “tape tray” not “type tray. They charged exactly what they said they would sony dcr-hc36 the estimate I think I have a solution that may fix most of your problems. I tried this after taking out battery, resetting, whacking etc. That worked for dcr-hhc36.

I had Zeiss-Ikon lenses on number of cameras in the past sony dcr-hc36 they are awesome. A combination of the “hitting” method and the power down and remove the battery method sony dcr-hc36 for me. All of a sudden it made zony little motor type noise so I stopped banging and sure enough the cassette descended. You’ll here that the camera is resetting itself, hold the tape in.

Nothing worked but two AAA batteries to the motor finally did it. Dave Mon, 30 Nov I left the door open and the battery died on me. sony dcr-hc36

Www umc uk co uk free6

I am so thankful for everyones advise!! My HC96 locks the lid and pulls the tape in.

Maybe the motor didn’t extend all the way sony dcr-hc36 begin with. They were in heats of Australia, and moisture of Japan, cold of northern Canada and ultra humid of jungles and under sony dcr-hc36 Dcr-gc36 falls literally.

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