May 3, 2018

Could be bad inverter again. Display diagram What could be wrong? I swapped them out, made sure the connections were good, and still the same problem. If so, could I use a inverter from another laptop? I discovered this after replacing two inverters and a screen.

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Suddenly yesterday the screen started working after a system restart and it worked fine until i switched of the computer after 3 hours. During this 3 hours I changed the position of the Laptop as well as Screen. However, later the same day it seems the CCFL went out all together because the screen on the laptop is very samsung r510 fn key but you can still make out icons and wallpaper.

I use the laptop with external monitors so I knew the system was working fine otherwise. Can you ask the seller to samsung r510 fn key the inverter board and try it? Is there some way to tell the difference? How much does these cost normally? If they cannot fix, they should replace the laptop.

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Try reseating the video cable. No I have not been inside the machine yet. Is this still the inverter or is it something else? Apparently, the backlight lamp is getting old samsung r510 fn key it still works when you lower the voltage reduce the screen brightness. Try reconnecting cables on the screen inverter, shown on the photo 7.

Am samsung r510 fn key going to have to buy a new laptop? Find a small metal screwdriver and move it slowly along the LCD screen bezel. March 23rd, at 7: After this happened, I could not see the screen not even a faint imagehowever the computer was still running as the audio still worked.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

Downloads Samsung Support Center ver 1. It samsung r510 fn key dim image which i can see in reflection of light and window i can see as well. Jason Denniston, The best way to test the inverter board would be replacing it with a known good one. Chaz, Your asmsung worked fine for 3 hours, right?

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This is the main purpose of the warranty. I would try replacing it again easy fix before replacing the backlight lamp not easy fix. Also, this problem could be related to the video cable. LCD inverter or backlight inverter. Harreson, This is not a problem with samsung r510 fn key inverter board or the backlight lamp because when either of these parts fails you still should be able to make out a very faint image on the scree.

Yesterday it quit again. If he tried that already, you may try replacing the video cable. I have contacted the seller and they are samsung r510 fn key to replace it so I will try another inverter. No backlight but you can see desktop image samsung r510 fn key folders very faintly which tells me that it might be the inverter.

The computer boots up and i can see a faint image it is so dim it looks as if it is black. It was the little button the screen pushes down when it is closed.

Congrats on the site — really well put together. I drop some water over my laptop keyboard, it was working fine but after 5 minutes the samsung r510 fn key part of the screen started to flicker, then it show a faded image, it came back and work fine.

What are you doing about it? I have a gateway m and the backlight has been going off and on for sometime now and now it never comes on. I read this repair help a week or so ago and decided that the inverter was the problem. Downloads HDMI ver 1. Unfortunately not everybody has a spare LCD at home. I want to know, how to fixed it myself. If the test lamp fails the same way as the original one, there could be a problem with the motherboard or the video cable.

The color was always great until the last day so there were no symptoms of a fading bulb. I usually hook up a test backlight bulb first I remove them from cracked screens and if it will not light up I install my test inverter and test it again. If it is stable, Update driver. Make sure cables on both ends of the inverter board are seated properly. It depends on witch laptop model you have.

I have an hp dv I started looking samsung r510 fn key bulb providers and on one site it gave the exact description of my problem. And this job will turn into a nightmare. Pedro, Did you remove the CPU during the disassembly process?

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