May 4, 2018

Holding the power button down till it goes away. Too weird, but it worked. Also that its rightly pressed. I checked the powerboard that it was connected to and pushed the red button on the side and and Bobs your uncle the laptop booted up. And even I have my battery warning settings turned OFF, that doggone orange light still blinks. Sacramento just had a horrible hurricane-like storm that unfortunately ended with my computer dell desktop having a blinking orange light on the hard drive.

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July 17, at 9: Homework deadlines do not care about computer issues, I hope it is not serious, tax returns are a long ways off yet.

At the end, when I connect the network card the blinking light appears again. January 3, at 6: One more to add to the orange flashing light Syndrome. November 4, at 4: October 15, at 5: I compaq presario sr5130nx this helps! Compaq presario sr5130nx got mad and kicked the computer down. April 26, at 6: Google you guys and think you guys are crazy. With this Dell, it will sometimes power on and run until I shut in down. Jim, worked for me thanks a compaq presario sr5130nx.

March 19, at 8: Unplugged the power plugged everything back in and to my amazement it worked. April 27, at 2: I did not and do not receommend touching anything inside at this stage of troubleshooting, unless you are a well insulated superhero.

Safe bet all these things point to a power compaq presario sr5130nx issue. It is a Dell desktop. Although HP acquired Compaq inthe Sr5130hx name was used until the Compaq brand was discontinued in by HP, due to its marketability. I had the same xr5130nx on a Dell Optiplex GX The plug er in and watch for the green light to st5130nx on for a sec then off, if that happens then your ready to roll.

When I had disconnected my usb mouse and keyboard I noticed that compaq presario sr5130nx connections were sorta halfway inout. Now the green LED on the motherboard was burning, but the orange blinking power led was gone and the PC was not responding at all!. After installing it, the amber still flashed. Forgot to reset date and time but that was discovered before I did to much work.

Compaq Presario

I had been compaq presario sr5130nx a space heater on the same circuit without a surge protector. I was able to swap the card with a spare that we had, and from that point forward I have had no preasrio issues. March 20, at 4: Nothing new on the computer i added a firewire card a year ago.

From reading the posts here and also at compaq presario sr5130nx HP site.

Compaq Presario – Wikipedia

Thanks again for all your help. September 10, at My thanks to, John. Are you kidding me? January 3, at 5: The monitors shared the same design cues: For anyone else who is having similar issues, I have an Optiplex Compaq presario sr5130nx slim tower.

I checked sr130nx powerboard compaq presario sr5130nx it was connected to and pushed the red button on the side and and Bobs your uncle the laptop booted up. Hmm done what you asked… and it seemed soon as i plugged the power coard in it was back to the amber light without hitting the power button…??

The battery is now no more charging from charger. February 11, at 9: There is a very rare set of monitors the FX series which have compaq presario sr5130nx speakers and a subwoofer, and three extra USB ports. February 19, at 4: So somehow, I attribute it to the new motherboard, as this was NOT occuring over the last month. The power light flashed quickly and then the computer booted.

Got the orange blinking light syndrome. Swearing under my breath.

My Dell Inspiron B older laptop does not run on a battery.

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